Utharavu Maharaja (2018) Utharavu Maharaja (2018) (HDRip)
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Produced In: India Release Date: 28th February 2018
Genre: Language: Tamil
Categories Tamil Featured, Tamil Movies 2018,
Actors Prabhu Udhaya

Utharavu Maharaja 2018:

Plot: A traumatic incident from his childhood has left Ravi (Udhaya), the son of a dhobi, with dissociative identity disorder. One day, after a night of inebriation, he wakes up to realise that he was out for a month! And, he starts hearing a voice in his head — from a king, no less — commanding him to act as it wishes. Meanwhile, a businessman claims that Ravi, as Vasu, robbed him off Rs 400 crore.

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